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Fantasy Football Tips: Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson And The Saints

The New Orleans Saints aren't quite so fast and loose as they used to be—thus far in 2010 their league rank in points allowed (fifth) is actually higher than their rank in points scored, which has dropped from first to eighth. As they slow down their once-wild offense and time and drives pass more slowly offensive players on the other teams have gotten less of a pace boost in fantasy football, which is bad news for Sam Bradford owners and whoever it is desperate enough to search for Rams wide receivers at this late stage. (This is usually me.) But the Saints' relatively weak defense against the run might be good news for Steven Jackson owners (this happens to include me), who are of late severely touchdown-starved. 


Something especially bizarre has shown up over the last two weeks, which have been more traditional Saints pointfests; they've allowed excellent numbers from Jon Kitna and Carson Palmer, but the touchdown-scoring has fallen to running backs who were otherwise having terrible days. Cedric Benson rushed 19 times for 49 yards and two touchdowns—yes, that would be half Jackson's season total—and the week before Marion Barber carried the ball 10 times for 19 yards and a touchdown while Kitna, 30-of-42 for 313 yards, couldn't reach the end zone. 


I don't think anyone would complain if the Rams carried that small sample quirk through a third week. Sam Bradford owners are probably mostly keeper-leaguers hoping for organic, real-football improvement; Steven Jackson owners, at this point, just want the touchdowns. St. Louis Rams fans just hope a suitable arrangement can be reached by Sunday.