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Chris Ivory, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas Confusing Fantasy Football Owners

The New Orleans Saints have never been short of offensive weapons, but they come into Week 14's contest with the St. Louis Rams with an embarrassment of them. Rookie Chris Ivory showed up when the Saints ran into a series of running back injuries and has been outstanding since, averaging more than five yards a carry. Reggie Bush returned two weeks ago and is back in a thus-far limited role. Pierre Thomas, who's missed most of the season after averaging five yards per carry himself a year ago, is due back this week. Fantasy football owners—mainly of Chris Ivory—have to be a little concerned right now, though not as concerned as the Rams defense that actually has to deal with these people. 


Luckily for them, Saints coach Sean Payton has gotten out in front of his running back controversy, saying directly that Ivory won't lose any time to Thomas or Bush in Week 14. So: good news for fantasy football players, bad news—or at least confusing news—for a Rams team that needs to figure out how to deal with these three running backs.