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Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Strike Again, Lead St. Louis Rams 28-6

The New Orleans Saints haven’t yet let up against the St. Louis Rams, and with five minutes left in the third quarter they now lead them 28-6. Drew Brees connected with Lance Moore for the 31-yard score; Brees is now 23-for-34 with 203 yards passing and three touchdowns thus far.

The Rams have been betrayed by turnovers and held tight by the Saints’ passing defense so far. Sam Bradford is 10-for-19 with 132 yards, a fumble, and an interception; Steven Jackson, who has another fumble, has been stronger, with more than 100 total yards and 66 rushing yards on just 11 attempts. But it’s telling that the strongest game so far has come from punter Donnie Jones.

The Rams have struggled especially to spread the ball to their receivers. Among their receivers only Brandon Gibson has caught the ball for significant yardage; the second and third options have been Jackson and tight end Daniel Fells. The Saints have put pressure on Bradford all afternoon, and he’s struggled to deal with it.