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St. Louis Rams' Would-Be Los Angeles Mover Among Sports' Most Influential

You'll find nobody St. Louis-related on the Sports Business Journal's list of 50 most influential sports figures unless you look closely—ranked 28th on the list is Casey Wasserman, a Los Angeles mogul attempting to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles designed to attract a football team. Their plans look a little shaggier with Qatar taking the 2022 World Cup, but it's a reminder of the controversy we last dealt with eight months ago, when it was revealed that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke was a member of something called the "Los Angeles Stadium Working Group."


Which reminds us, once more, of the team's ongoing frustration with the Edward Jones Dome, which is not yet old enough to drive. It's easy to forget it while the Rams compete for the first time since the Edward Jones Dome wasn't old enough to sit in the front without a car seat, but St. Louis still has some work to do if it's to keep a Rams team that has not always seemed especially happy to be here.


A start would be selling out some games without Anheiser Busch's constant assistance. The assist goes to Kansas City Chiefs fans on this one, but it looks like next week's game will be the first such sellout this season. Take that, Casey Wasserman!