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Matt Cassel Starting For The Kansas City Chiefs Week 15

Matt Cassel, whose emergency appendix surgery less than two weeks ago put his Week 15 status in doubt, will be starting for the Kansas City Chiefs in their away game against the St. Louis Rams. Cassel was placed on the active roster Sunday morning after a week in which he was seriously limited in practice each day.

That puts an abrupt end to the second Brodie Croyle Era in Kansas City. Croyle was 7-for-17 with 40 yards passing in an ugly start against the San Diego Chargers the week before.

Cassel is putting together a career season with the Chiefs, proving to be efficient and error-free in an offense that requires nothing else of its quarterback. He goes into this week’s game with 23 touchdowns against just four interceptions; with fewer than 30 pass attempts per game he’s installed in the kind of offense the Rams might have wished they could give Sam Bradford in his rookie season.