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Matt Cassel Intercepted In Return From Appendectomy

Matt Cassel’s Week 15 return from his emergency appendectomy hasn’t gone exactly as planned; the Kansas City Chiefs’ efficient quarterback is 2-for-5 with 21 yards passing and an interception at the end of the first quarter of their game with the St. Louis Rams, down by a score of 6-0 that could reasonably have been much worse.

Cassel threw a short pass over the middle for tight end Tony Moeaki that was intercepted by Rams cornerback Kevin Dockery at the Rams’ 44-yard line. Dockery took it back over midfield before going down, and at the end of the first quarter the Rams were left with the ball at the Chiefs’ 37 for the third time in this young game.

Cassel had thrown an interception in just one percent of his passing attempts this season, a career low. A year after throwing 16 touchdowns and 16 interceptions he had 23 and five in 2010. (The all-time single-season record for interception percentage in a season is none other than the Chiefs’ Damon Huard, who threw one interception in 244 attempts in 2006.)