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St. Louis Rams Vs. Kansas City Chiefs Halftime: Rams Trail 14-6

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After a hot start that couldn’t be converted into touchdowns the St. Louis Rams trail the Kansas City Chiefs 14-6 at halftime, with Matt Cassel looking strong after a slow start of his own. The Rams have done a solid job of stopping the Chiefs’ famous running game, but it hasn’t been enough to keep the Chiefs off the board.

The Rams’ offense slowed down after Sam Bradford couldn’t keep up his 6-for-6 start. Since that drive in the first quarter, which resulted in the first of two field goals from Josh Brown, he’s been 3-for-9 with just nine yards passing. That’s offset a nice start from Steven Jackson, who has 56 total yards in the first half.

Cassel has been utilized more frequently than usual in his first game back from the appendix surgery. He’s 10-for-19 with 120 yards passing, one touchdown, and one interception. Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones have been surprisingly quiet; Charles has four rushes for 16 yards, and Jones has seven carries for 15. The Chiefs’ leading rusher at halftime is none other than Matt Cassel, who has two rushes for 17.