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Sam Bradford's Struggles Stifling St. Louis Rams Vs. Chiefs

Sam Bradford’s struggles have stopped the St. Louis Rams’ offense in its tracks in the second half of their Week 15 game against the Kansas City Chiefs, holding them to just two first-quarter field goals as they trail the Chiefs 17-6.

Bradford began the game 6-for-6 with 42 yards passing, taking the Rams most of the way downfield, but since two consecutive false start penalties and his first incomplete pass of the game stopped their drive short for a field goal Bradford has struggled mightily.

He’s 4-for-14 since that first drive, with just 22 yards passing. The Rams’ subsequent drives have been based entirely on field position and the whims of Steven Jackson, who’s got 15 carries for 54 yards.

Bradford came into this game with 2884 yards passing, 17 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. He’s having one of the great rookie quarterback seasons in recent memory; unfortunately, it hasn’t carried over to tonight. He’s still well short of 3000 yards, which seemed like a fair bet for today’s game.