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Danario Alexander's First Reception Of Week 15 Reversed

After being invisible all game, despite Sam Bradford’s 12-for-29 night, Danario Alexander’s first reception, a 12-yard catch on third down to continue the St. Louis Rams’ drive, was reversed on a challenge, leaving the Rams to punt once again and punting Alexander summarily out of the box score.

After his dramatic return to action last month Alexander, the potential star receiver with incredibly problematic knees, has vanished from the Rams’ offense once again. Alexander had four receptions for 95 yards and a touchdown in his first game back from his fifth knee surgery on November 28. Since then he’s gotten just two receptions for 20 yards total.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened this season—Alexander’s career to date with the Rams has consisted of two big four reception games followed by an inexplicable underutilization over the next few weeks. But it’s the first time that underutilization hasn’t been revealed as an early symptom of a lingering knee problem. At least, I hope so.