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Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams Score First Touchdown In Fourth Quarter

Steven Jackson and the St. Louis Rams finally put a touchdown drive together, scoring their first of the afternoon in the fourth quarter of their game with the Kansas City Chiefs. Sam Bradford finally woke up, but it might have been a little too late—the Rams trail the Chiefs by a score of 20-13 with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter.

Bradford, who was just 12-for-29 coming into this drive, guided the Rams by going 7-for-10, hitting Danny Amendola three times for 29 yards in Chiefs territory. After Bradford couldn’t punch it in on first and goal at the five yard-line the Rams ran Steven Jackson—who’s had some serious problems at the goal line this season—up the middle for a touchdown, his fifth of the season. He’s finally topped the four touchdowns he managed in the Rams’ nightmarish 2009 offense, which is some kind of moral victory.

Jackson has 19 carries for 67 yards and a touchdown in Week 15. He’s five short of the 100 multi-purpose yards mark for today’s game, and is what amounts to a bright spot in the Rams’ anemic offense this afternoon.