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Jamaal Charles's 80-Yard Run Crushes The St. Louis Rams' Rally

Just moments after the St. Louis Rams picked up their first touchdown of the afternoon the Kansas City Chiefs responded in crushing fashion, with Jamaal Charles breaking off an 80-yard rush to put the Chiefs at the Rams’ two-yard line for an eventual Thomas Jones touchdown.

Until that moment the Rams had contained Jamaal Charles as well as anybody this season; he had 10 carries for 46 yards. But a run up the middle turned disastrous in a hurry, and Ron Bartell couldn’t chase him down until he was inside the five yard line. Thomas Jones scored his first touchdown of the afternoon on the next play.

The Chiefs lead the Rams 27-13 after the play. The Rams’ offense has proven ill-equipped to take on the Chiefs, with Sam Bradford struggling through one of his least-effective games of the season. Returning quarterback Matt Cassel is 15-for-28 with 184 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Bradford is 20-for-41 with 156 yards and one interception.