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St. Louis Rams Vs. Kansas City Chiefs Final: Rams Fall 27-13

The St. Louis Rams’ improbable run for first place was dealt a significant blow Sunday afternoon, as Sam Bradford had one of his worst games as a professional in a 27-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bradford was 21-for-43 for just 181 yards passing and two interceptions. The Chiefs seemed to know just how averse to downfield passing the Rams were, and by focusing on that Bradford’s usual low-key efficiency wasn’t a factor.

Steven Jackson was the only bright spot in the Rams’ offense. He rushed 19 times for 67 yards and his fifth touchdown of the season while picking up 37 yards receiving. Danny Amendola caught seven passes for 60 yards, serving once again as Bradford’s pressure-release with nothing else working.

The Chiefs’ vaunted rushing attack was held back early, but Jamaal Charles’ final fourth quarter breakthrough, an 80-yard run the first play after the Rams finally scored their first touchdown of the afternoon, was the final straw for a Rams defense that wasn’t done any favors by the offense.