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NFL Scores: Tim Tebow Has Two Touchdowns, Is Still Confounding (Video)

Tim Tebow might be the most confounding athlete in professional sports right now. He’s a football player who pisses people off because he’s such a goody-goody. He’s a college superstar who offered even more room for pro skepticism than most college superstars. He’s a player whose expectations from NFL fans are vastly lower than the expectations of the team that drafted him. And now he’s got two touchdowns in his first NFL start.

Tebow, who had four touchdowns this season in his capacity as goal line specialist and possible quarterback, took the ball up the middle 40 yards on a third-and-24 play for his first touchdown of the afternoon. On the Broncos’ next drive he threw a 33-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Lloyd, who made an outstanding catch that was only ruled a touchdown on a challenge. Overall he’s 4-for-8 for 73 yards in the Broncos’ first half, with five carries for 63 yards.

Tebow was made the starter after Kyle Orton, who’s struggled over the last several weeks after his incredible start to the season, was declared inactive due to a rib injury.