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NFL Injury Report: Danario Alexander Ready For Week 13

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander did not see his shadow this week and is currently set to play Week 13—so sayeth, at least, the latest NFL Injury Report. That's right: Two weeks in a row for Alexander, whose knee has responded well to the hyperbaric chamber he's been living in for the last two months. The Rams had no such luck regarding their other injury-prone, enigmatic rookie receiver; tight end Michael Hoomanawanui, no stranger to the high-ankle sprain, will miss the rest of the regular season with the one he suffered last week, soon after picking up his third touchdown of the season and his second in two games. 


The Arizona Cardinals have a long list of players who were limited in practice, but our SB Nation brethren suggest that the Cardinals think all of them might be available to play on Sunday. This week's quarterback report, for what it's worth, suggests that the Cardinals still dumped Matt Leinart in favor of Derek Anderson. So that happened.