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NFL Power Rankings: The NFC West Is About To Be Punished

Last week was—I believe—the 15th time this year that every team in the NFC West lost in the same week. And nobody lost nobly, either—the San Francisco 49ers were pounded on the NFL Network, which is like misspelling an easy word and also doing it in the class spelling bee; the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Carolina Panthers, burnishing their worst-team-in-football cred; the St. Louis Rams were throttled by the Kansas City Chiefs in an Edward Jones Dome that was mostly red; and the Seattle Seahawks got beaten up by the Atlanta Falcons, which is understandable but still not any good for the NFC West's bruised ego. You know what this means: Our division is about to be punished in this week's power rankings.


The Week 16 power rankings won't be out for another few days, for the most part, but think about it—last week our dear friends at SB Nation proper placed the NFC West squads at 22 (Seahawks), 23 (Rams), 24 (49ers), and 29 (Cardinals). And that was after the 49ers and the Cardinals charged ahead from the week before.


This division is bad. And after last week's shutout it's about to look a lot worse. This Christmas, ask for an 8-8 Rams season.