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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Playoffs And Keepers And Danario Alexander

It's Week 16, and that means that most fantasy football players are either in the dumps, and determined never to pay attention to the meta-sport again, or in the playoffs, and determined to pay more attention to the meta-sport than they ever have before. Whether you're looking for playoff tricks or a keeper or even next year's draft-stumping sleeper, it's worth paying attention to the waiver wire in the last weeks of the season. After all, you weren't planning on doing anything else with your fantasy football time just yet, right?


That leaves us with two more chances to look at Danario Alexander, who has spent so much time on the ostensibly wide gap between nobody and star wide receiver that even he's probably tired of being labeled a sleeper pick. It was easy to blame his ineffectiveness on his knee problems; now he's been ineffective because the Rams' offense simply isn't working. Sometimes he's not being targeted; sometimes his targets are being scuttled by defensive pressure, whether on him or Sam Bradford.


One thing's certain: The Rams can't go on with Danny Amendola as their top wide receiver indefinitely. When they finally find somebody who is a top receiver Amendola and Bradford are sure to benefit, but Alexander has still yet to string together enough games to define what his role might be in that distant-future offense-with-multiple-options. Turf Show Times took a look at this recently that's worth your attention, as prospective Rams wide receiver Owners.