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Ted Ginn Returns Punt For Touchdown, San Francisco 49ers Trail 9-7

After falling victim to a safety in the first quarter the San Francisco 49ers found some dynamic play of their own in the second, with Ted Ginn making a punt return for a 78-yard touchdown. Ginn hadn’t returned a punt for a touchdown since his rookie season in 2007.

After the St. Louis Rams went three-and-out in the second quarter, Ginn lined up to receive Donnie Jones’s booming 54 yard punt. He got it at the 49ers 22 and wasn’t stopped the whole way back, making the seventh-longest punt return of the season.

Ginn has three touchdowns in his return career; he returned two kicks for touchdown last season, as a member of the Miami Dolphins. This year Ginn is averaging a career high 11 yards per punt return, leaving him just outside the top ten in the NFL. Ginn, who has nine receptions for 100 yards this season, was the ninth overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.