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St. Louis Rams Vs. San Francisco 49ers Halftime: Big Plays Score

Big plays have been the story of the 49ers vs. Rams game in St. Louis Week 16, with the Rams scoring on a safety and following a big pass-interference call and the 49ers picking up two touchdowns on a 78-yard punt return from Ted Ginn and a 60-yard reception from Michael Crabtree. Troy Smith and the 49ers continue to thrive on the big play—Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams continue to struggle to connect on them.

The Rams began the game up 9-0, with Steven Jackson running for a touchdown and DE James Hall sacking Troy Smith in the end zone for a safety. But their offense has struggled with first downs and a crucial Sam Bradford fumble. Bradford is 12-for-17 with 124 yards in the first half; Steven Jackson has 15 carries for 40 yards and a touchdown.

The 49ers’ offense roared to life when Ted Ginn returned a 54-yard punt from Donnie Jones 78 yards for a touchdown, the seventh-longest punt return of the 2010 season. And they took a lead against the Rams when Smith and Michael Crabtree put together a 60-yard touchdown pass in the closing minutes of the second quarter.