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Danario Alexander Lives, St. Louis Rams Lead By Score Of 22-14

Danario Alexander, the St. Louis Rams’ long-standing enigma at wide receiver, is putting together one of the best games of his season Sunday—a 45-yard reception from Sam Bradford put him at 99 on the day and led the Rams to a crucial fourth-quarter touchdown, putting the Rams up over the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 22-14.

Alexander has been targeted all day and, for the most part, has made the most of it—he has four receptions on the afternoon. But the story of the game is Sam Bradford, who is 28-for-37 with 292 yards and a touchdown following one of his worst games of the season. Bradford, stuck in the short game all season, has two 40-yard passes to his name today—another went to Brandon Gibson, who has three receptions for 69 yards. Danny Amendola has eight receptions for 53 yards.

The Rams lead 22-14 with nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. After relinquishing an early lead to the 49ers they’ve scored 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. And thanks to Danario Alexander they’ve been able to fight the 49ers deep-play proclivities with some long offensive plays of their own.