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NFL Update: Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams Come Back For Field Goal

Some big plays for Steven Jackson, who has three rushes for 30 yards, and a nice 15-yard connection from Sam Bradford to Brandon Gibson got the St. Louis Rams what looked to be a 40-yard field goal, cutting the Arizona Cardinals’ lead to 6-3. But the Cardinals were caught with 12 men on the field, giving the Rams a new lease on life inside the Cardinals red zone.

The Rams were caught at third-and-two on the new set of downs, and Josh Brown was brought back on the field to try another field goal. This time the Cardinals almost found themselves with another 12-man penalty and were forced to burn their second timeout to avoid it. Brown made another field goal—this time from 28 yards out—and the Rams cut the lead to 6-3 after all.

Sam Bradford has targeted Danario Alexander twice on third down thus far, but he’s been covered tightly by the Cardinals defense, who doesn’t want to be surprised the same way the Denver Broncos were last week.