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Tim Hightower Can't Be Stopped, Arizona Cardinals Can Be

Tim Hightower looks unstoppable in the first half of the St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals game, but luckily for the Rams he’s not the only guy on the Cardinals After Hightower picked up another 20+ yard run—he’s rushed nine times for 67 yards—the Cardinals looked to be in gear heading into halftime.

But Derek Anderson was intercepted by Craig Dahl deep in Rams territory, and that was the end of Hightower’s first-half hegemony. Sam Bradford completed two 10+ yard passes to Brandon Gibson, his favorite target today, to get the Rams over midfield at the two-minute warning, and a resurgent Steven Jackson continued his solid performance a week after struggling to get past the line of scrimmage.

Bradford, who was invisible in the first quarter, got the Rams to the two-yard line with 20 seconds to go after passes to Laurent Robinson and Steven Jackson, then spiked the ball on first and goal. Incomplete passes to Danario Alexander and Gibson left the Rams at fourth-and-two, and Josh Brown picked up his third field goal of the afternoon, a 20-yarder to put the Rams up 9-6.