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Sam Bradford Throws Interception For The Second Time In Seven Games

Sam Bradford was nearly perfect on the road last week, but in Week 13 against the Arizona Cardinals he’s had to remind us that he’s a rookie. Already 11-for-21 with just 95 yards, Bradford threw what was only his second interception since October 17 to open the third quarter. The Rams maintain a narrow 9-6 lead, as Derek Anderson has been even less consistent thus far.

The Rams have responded to their shakiness downfield by going to Steven Jackson more frequently, and Jackson has delivered; he has 13 rushes for 54 yards. Even Kenneth Darby has gotten into the action; he’s got two rush attempts and has been targeted in the short passing game along with the tight ends.

Of the Rams’ various wide receivers only Brandon Gibson has been at his best this week; he’s got four receptions for 44 yards. Besides Gibson only tight end Daniel Fells has more than one reception thus far.