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John Skelton Replaces Max Hall, Arizona Cardinals Bad-Quarterback Controversy Continues

After Max Hall was injured on a first down fumble in his second drive of the afternoon, third-stringer John Skelton, another rookie Arizona Cardinals quarterback, came in and gave the St. Louis Rams a scare, completing 20-yard passes to Steve Breaston and Larry Fitzgerald before penalties stopped the Cardinals’ drive cold.

Skelton, a fifth-round draft pick out of Fordham, was playing in his first regular season game in the NFL, and acquitted himself better, at least, than the Cardinals’ other two quarterbacks. With Hall’s return probable, Skelton finished his first drive 2-for-4 with 41 yards passing. He could find himself starting someplace bigger than Fordham sooner than he expected.

Derek Anderson and Max Hall? Collectively, they’re 8-for-23 with 103 yards passing, two interceptions, and a fumble. Anderson was benched for ineffectiveness, and Hall just happened to have been ineffective at the moment he went down.

Sam Bradford, while we’re at it, is 16-for-27 for the Rams, with 148 yards and an interception. It hasn’t been an outstanding evening for quarterback play.