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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Sam Bradford Keeps Climbing Quarterback Ranks

The fantasy football waiver wire seems to have finally accepted Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams' meteoric rise to adequacy. The star rookie has jumped to a season-high 36.1% ownership rate in ESPN fantasy leagues, behind only Matt Cassel among trending quarterbacks. Bradford is actually coming off one of his most lackluster performances of the season against an Arizona Cardinals defense he could have shredded, but I guess that's one way to make him a sleeper—wait for the best game of his career, and then don't pick him up until the game afterward. Meanwhile, Danny Amendola and fantasy siren Danario Alexander both continued their slow ascent up the wide receiver charts.


A bet on Amendola is a bet on Sam Bradford's continued improvement and the St. Louis Rams' continued inability to maintain a real number-one receiver. As a slot guy and a surprisingly capable punt returner Amendola is a perfect fit, but he's Bradford's number-one target mostly because nobody else is going to do it. 


On the other hand, a bet on Danario Alexander is a bet on Alexander being that guy, at least while his legs hold up. The Rams have limited his playing time since he came back from knee surgery number five, and last week he vanished from the offense once the game seemed in hand. The week before, though, where Alexander erupted for his second outstanding game in four, shows what can happen when the Rams need him. Yeah, yeah—what can happen when they need him and he can walk.