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Steven Jackson Has MRI, Tweets Groin Injury Only A Strain

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Steven Jackson, the St. Louis Rams' best offensive player, suffered a groin injury in the second quarter of Sunday's game that caused him to miss the remainder of the game, though he says that an MRI Monday morning showed the injury is not severe.

I'm just getting to the hospital for my MRI. I'm walking around pretty cool. Thx u for your prayers, I'll update you all when Im done.less than a minute ago via Echofon

Three hours later, Jackson came back with encouraging news.

It's only a strain...less than a minute ago via txt


Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo told the Associated Press he was relieved that the injury is only a strain.

"Steven's a warrior and you almost have to pull him back," Spagnuolo said. "What you don't want to do is get him out there too soon and set him back. We're all happy it wasn't anything worse and now it's just a matter of treatments and making sure we don't make it any worse."

Jackson also tweeted he's already put in two hours of rehab time so hopefully this injury heals quick.