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Steven Jackson's Groin: No News Is No News

On a normal week the St. Louis Rams' usual news channels might be clogged with hourly updates about Steven Jackson's groin, but to his fantasy football owners' endless frustration, this is no ordinary week—Rams fans, typically an unusually hardy and austere bunch, at this point, are still celebrating the team's first home win since Missouri became a state. They have no time to worry about Steven Jackson's groin. 


Even the man himself is bored; after a midday Twitter assurance that "the groin is making good progress" he switched subjects and noted that "When I eat Chinese food with chop sticks, I never get full. It's hard work. Lol."


But it's impossible to take this tight-lippedness in a positive or negative way. It's just no news at all. When the post-victory hangover finally kicks in—and I can't confirm that this will ever happen—things might clear up, for good or ill. In the meantime, the Edward Jones Dome is rocking, and the injury report whispers refuses to come a-knockin'.