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2011 NFL Draft Projections: Why Would The Rams Not Take A Receiver?

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2011 NFL Draft projections are all over the place by now—mock drafts everywhere, Andrew Luck jeremiads being performed in full sackcloth, any of a hundred players being listed as the consensus number-one pick—and it seems like only one thing is for certain in NFL Draft work the world over: The St. Louis Rams must take a wide receiver. 


Apparently everybody saw the same games we did, and is convinced that their long-term plan isn't for Sam Bradford to throw 50 balls a game a yard behind the line of scrimmage and hope that Danny Amendola can treat it like a punt return. But this is a question, I think, worth asking: What kind of talent would it take at 14 for the Rams not to pick a wide receiver? Is there any other position you're as worried about?


Personally I'm all the way on the wide receiver bandwagon, but a running back like Mark Ingram might make sense if he can take some carries (and some receptions) from Steven Jackson. The Rams need to be worried about their franchise running back—it's never a good sign when your running back, in his late 20s, leads the NFL in carries at the same time he's having the least-explosive season of his career. A second running back who could also do some more specialized pass-catching work might also help Bradford, and so would Steven Jackson not being done at 30.