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Josh McDaniels And St. Louis Rams Cozy Up At Offensive Coordinator

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Pat Shurmur's departure to the Cleveland Browns left the St. Louis Rams without an offensive coordinator, but reports have them taking a hard look at ousted Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels to replace him shortly. Turf Show Times and the Post-Dispatch both stand somewhere between it's-looking-serious and don't-hold-your-breath-yet on the rumor-ometer, which leaves the former Patriots functionary as the de facto front-runner in the search for the guy who'll be celebrated or blamed for whatever Sam Bradford does next season. 


Much as his place in New England Patriots lore leaves me uneasy I'm an unabashed McDaniels-backer, and not just because he, too, is inexplicably a Tim Tebow fan. The Broncos were awful last season, on offense and defense, but their offense was more unbalanced than unworkable—their rushing game began the season a disaster and ended it on a torrid pace, while a Kyle Orton breakout season eventually devolved into a chance to see what Tebow was made of. 


The Rams, for all their offensive troubles last season, are easy to peg on offense. They've got a star running back who'll need to be handled with kid gloves following a 330-carry season and a star quarterback who's a kid, and a set of wide receivers that one offensive coordinator could only deal with by reexamining the necessity of the forward pass. There's not a lot of deep certainty there, but it at least runs wide and shallow.