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NFL Playoff Schedule 2011: Steelers Vs. Ravens, Falcons Vs. Packers Are Saturday's Slate

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Today's NFL Playoffs schedule features the top team in the NFC and one of the closest division rivalries in football—the Atlanta Falcons will get the fifth-seeded Green Bay Packers at 7:00 on Fox, while the Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4 in the AFC North, second seed) and the Baltimore Ravens (12-4 in the AFC North, fifth seed) get the matinee, hitting CBS at 3:30. 


The Falcons were "lucky", as far as point differential goes—Pro-Football-Reference gives them an expected win-loss record of 11.2-4.8—and the Packers were unlucky by the same measure, with an expected record 12.1-3.9. But this one will come down to an incredibly sportswriter-friendly matchup between two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL, with Aaron Rodgers taking on Matt Ryan. 


The Ravens and the Steelers split their season series 1-1, with the Ravens taking the second one by a decidedly Ravens-like score of 13-10. After taking out the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7 in the Wild Card they'll hope the Steelers have gotten a little rusty after a Week 17 drubbing of the Cleveland Browns and the subsequent bye week to open the playoffs.