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2011 NFL Mock Draft: If Julio Jones And A.J. Green Go

SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft is out, espousing what might be called the wide-receiver-minimalist position, the A.J. Green Low Chronology—with Green going at four, and Julio Jones going at six, to two other receiver-starved squads, they suggest DE Justin Houston as a "Well, so much for that, Sam Bradford" kind of a pick. 


At some point you simply have to take the best talent available, but it's tough to stomach these Rams skimping on offensive options for another year. The team finished 12th in the NFL in points allowed—Steve Spagnuolo's vaunted defensive-whiz credentials finally panned out. They finished 26th in the NFL in points scored.


If there are any apples left on the receiver tree I think the Rams would be wise to go for the low-hanging fruit in this scenario—it's much easier to move up from 26 than it is from 12, and that -2.4 point differential from last season would be easier resolved with a few more moves into field goal position than a few more moves away from it. Even without a receiver I'd rather the Rams target Mark Ingram, who SB Nation has going to the Miami Dolphins at 15. The Rams have done their best to pretend Steven Jackson is invincible, but teams who overtax their star running backs do so at their own peril. Well, mainly at their star running backs' peril.