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Seattle Seahawks Vs. St. Louis Rams: Charlie Whitehurst Strikes First

The Seattle Seahawks couldn’t get Matt Hasselbeck ready to go in time for their Sunday night game against the St. Louis Rams, but Charlie Whitehurst brought them downfield for an early touchdown and a 7-0 lead in the game that will finalize the NFL playoff picture.

Whitehurst, much maligned following his first games as Hasselbeck’s backup, was very strong in the early going—he’s 7-for-9 with 99 yards and a touchdown, to Mike Williams, in the Seahawks’ first two drives. The 99 yards are already his second-highest total of the season, but the Seahawks also showed off their two-pronged rushing attack in the first quarter, giving three carries to Marshawn Lynch and utilizing Justin Forsett in the passing game.

The Rams haven’t had much time to show their true colors either way. Sam Bradford opened their first drive 2-for-2 with nine yards. Laurent Robinson and Danario Alexander were the first two of the Rams’ cadre of suspect wide receivers to be utilized. Expect the full complement, including Danny Amendola, in the first half.