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St. Louis Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks Halftime: Rams Trail 7-3

Through one half of football punters have taken the most advantage of this game that completes the NFL playoff picture, taking the field 10 times for the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks. Charlie Whitehurst got off to an excellent start in relief of an injured Matt Hasselbeck, pushing the Seahawks to a touchdown on their first drive of the game, but since then he and Sam Bradford have found their offenses a down short on drive after drive. The Rams trail 7-3 at the close of an ugly half.

Bradford finished the half 10-for-16 with 93 yards. He’s had plenty of time to pass but has had the ball batted away four times; unable to go downfield, he’s had the most effect looking to Steven Jackson and Daniel Fells when plays have broken up. A pass to Fells from the goal line narrowly averted a safety in the second quarter.

The Rams’ running game wasn’t a factor in the first quarter, but Steven Jackson looked revived in the second, carrying the ball seven times for 32 yards. He also has three receptions for 35 yards, which leads Rams receivers. Fells is second—no Rams wide receiver has caught more than one ball thus far.