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St. Louis Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks Final: Playoff Push Falls Short

The St. Louis Rams got closer to the playoffs than anyone anticipated heading into the 2010 season, but they ended up just a few points short in their Week 17 Sunday Night matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. A crucial Sam Bradford interception and a general offensive malaise stopped the Rams at six points, and Charlie Whitehurst’s brilliant opening drive was enough to put the Seahawks up for good, 16-6. The Seahawks will go on to face the New Orleans Saints in the first playoff game of 2011.

Bradford finished his playoff tryout 19-for-36 with 155 yards and an interception. The Rams buttoned up their offense for most of the first half and the Seahawks seemed ready for every short pass, batting away pass after line-drive pass from Bradford. The Rams weren’t able to capitalize on the Seahawks’ troubled run defense either, with Steven Jackson managing just 45 yards on 11 carries.

The Seahawks got the first solid game of Charlie Whitehurst’s career at the right moment. Matt Hasselbeck’s backup went 22-for-35 with 192 yards and an early touchdown that proved to be all the Seahawks would need. Marshawn Lynch finished with 20 carries for 75 yards.