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Jay Cutler's Kneegate Nightmare Continues

I'm sure we can find some way to blame Mike Martz for this—Jay Cutler has been dogged by just about every literate NFL player with a Twitter account in the last 24 hours following his "kneegate" exit from Sunday's NFC Championship game with an injury that—horror or horrors—was not quite severe enough to keep him from standing upright. At our Chicago regional they've uncovered the latest twist in this story that makes me a little sick about social media: Cutler had the temerity, the gall to go to dinner afterward, which pissed Jeremy Roenick off to no end.


Apparently he "limped a tiny bit", which is just enough to send Tweeters the world over onto WebMD. (Symptom checker list: Throws too many interceptions; signed a big contract that pisses me off; limped a bit.) As Al Yellon suggests, limping through a game so that a bunch of football players with iPhones don't question your masculinity postgame might not always be the best course of action for a team. As Brett Favre ought to have proven by now, playing through injuries can be as vain and I-in-team a move as sitting out.


Me? I'm pissed off about Cutler because Martzball was more boring than I was hoping it would be this year. I was at least expecting a Jon Kitna year out of him. But if your options are bringing a limping Jay Cutler back into the game; staying with Undead Todd Collins at quarterback; or going to Caleb Hanie and hoping he drags the team back, as he almost did, I think the ex-Rams Braintrust made the right move here.


As for Jay Cutler, he should consider calling for delivery for the next few weeks. Under a pseudonym.