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2011 Pro Bowl Rosters: Where The St. Louis Rams Aren't

Steven Jackson is your only St. Louis Ram on the 2011 Pro Bowl Rosters—you can thank name recognition and an almost foolhardy durability—and I'm not sure it's possible to muster up any cases for the other members of the 7-9 squad, which nearly made the playoffs out of the NFC West by being as unassuming as possible. Punter, maybe? Mat McBriar led the league in yards per punt for the second time in his career and was, accordingly, named to the Pro Bowl roster for the second time in his career. Donnie Jones had his worst per-punt mark in some time, but he was called to the field an astonishing 29 times more than McBriar, and led the league in total punting yards as a result. After Jones missed the Pro Bowl following his 50.0 yard season in 2008 it's a shame to see him continue to stay out of voters' minds. Is it possible for a team to be so bad that its punter doesn't get the recognition he deserves?


Elsewhere on the rosters, Chris Long may have proved with last season that he'll make a Pro Bowl or two in his career—his 8.5 sacks were 3.5 more than he managed in 2009—but he wasn't there yet. Sam Bradford is either a Pro Bowl wide receiver or a fancy Josh McDaniels offensive scheme away from unseating one of Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, or Drew Brees at quarterback, although Rodger Saffold deserves some kind of medal for keeping Bradford from turning into Zombie Marc Bulger in their rookie seasons.