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2011 Pro Bowl: Picking The 2016 Pro Bowl

The 2011 Pro Bowl is something of a barren wasteland for St. Louis Rams fans—Steven Jackson is our lone representative, and he's coming off a season that was triumphant in a sense, because he played all 16 games, but also worrisome, because he played all 16 games. He doesn't represent the new Rams, he represents the failures of the old Rams and the need to get the new Rams going while he's around to be a winning piece of it. 


So let's not think about that—let's think about where the Rams will be in the distant future. Who will represent them in the 2016 Pro Bowl?


Obvious news: If Sam Bradford isn't an option, something bad has happened. The Rams, for good or ill, have bet the franchise on his ability to be a franchise quarterback. Rodger Saffold or Jason Smith making the Pro Bowl that same year would be a great step in that direction. On defense, it would be great to see Chris Long have developed into an All-Pro quarterback-frightener by then. 


If you want to get really optimistic, I have your final Pro Bowl nominee: In the tradition of NBA Live 96, none other than Roster Widereceiver.