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NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams And Michael Floyd

Now that we know the St. Louis Rams' place in the real NFL Draft order their picks in NFL Mock Drafts everywhere become a little more interesting. At SB Nation's first post-season mock draft Brian Galliford has Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd going to the Rams at 14. Floyd just finished having an outstanding game in the Sun Bowl, pulling down six receptions for 109 yards and two touchdowns. He's got a great combination of physical talent and positional polish, which sounds like a fit for a Rams team that doesn't have much of either. Of course, he'll have to decide to declare his eligibility in the draft, first. 


Floyd's already asked for an evaluation as to his draft prospects from the NFL, and if he's really an undeclared junior, as Wikipedia says, he hasn't paid as much attention RE: his senior year as the average walk-on. Picking in the middle of the first round, the Rams need as much depth at their go-to position as possible—they'll lose on the top tier guys, but a wider second tier would give them enough options to have a reasonable shot at giving Sam Bradford a legitimate target.