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2011 Pro Bowl Score: Steven Jackson Continues NFC Rout, AFC Trails 42-0

Steven Jackson made his mark on the 2011 Pro Bowl, the third of his career, near the end of the second quarter, breaking off a 21-yard into the end zone for the NFC’s sixth touchdown of the first half. They lead the AFC 42-0—in addition to Jackson, Matt Ryan has thrown two touchdowns and Adrian Peterson Ovie Mughelli have run two in. Gonzalez scored again to extend his record for receiving touchdowns in the Pro Bowl.

Jackson has three carries for 26 yards and a touchdown in the first half. Injured and unable to participate in the 2010 Pro Bowl, Jackson’s touchdown comes in his first appearance in the postseason exhibition since the 2007 Pro Bowl, where he also found the end zone. He’s the only St. Louis Rams representative in today’s game.

NFC starter Michael Turner has five carries for 31 yards; Adrian Peterson, in addition to the touchdown, has a game-high seven carries for 46 yards. Ryan looks to be the early favorite for Pro Bowl MVP honors; he’s 6-for-7 with 91 yards and two touchdowns since replacing starter Michael Vick.