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Packers Vs. Eagles Halftime: Aaron Rodgers, Packers Lead 14-3

A strong performance from Aaron Rodgers and some just-short drives from Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles left the Green Bay Packers in a strong position moving into the second half of the final Wild Card Weekend game on the 2011 NFL Playoff schedule. Rodgers finished 13-for-18 with 111 yards and two touchdowns.

Mike Vick was solid but couldn’t get the Eagles through the red zone in the first half; he was 7-for-12 with 93 yards passing and 28 rushing yards. The Eagles’ scoring came on a 29 yard field goal from David Akers in the second quarter; he missed a 41-yarder in the first quarter. The Packers got a solid rushing performance from James Starks, picking up eight carries for 51 yards.

The Eagles spent much of the half without wide receiver DeSean Jackson, whose knee was pinned beneath running back LeSean McCoy on a play in the first quarter. Jackson left the field in a lot of pain; his return is currently listed as questionable.