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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Brandon Gibson Is A Valuable St. Louis Rams Receiver, Somehow

The St. Louis Rams do not have a great set of wide receivers. They do not even have a competent set of wide receivers. But if you believe the Football Outsiders, O fantasy football waiver wire bargain hunters, Brandon Gibson might be the only bright spot in the St. Louis Rams' entire, dim offensive firmament. His DVOA—defense-adjusted value over average—is an extremely healthy 20.2%; his catch rate is a solid 62%.


You could have gotten good odds on this, if you'd found a bookie who loves advanced sports metrics—through Week 5, the only player with an above-average DVOA on the Rams isn't Sam Bradford, or Steven Jackson, or Lance Kendricks, or Danario Alexander—it's Brandon Gibson. 


This is incredible, considering Mike Sims-Walker (-33.1%) has been invisible at best and Greg Salas has been worth an astonishing -62 yards on 11 passes, but without Brandon Gibson things could be going worse. Eventually, if you think Gibson really is the best option on this roster, Sam Bradford will realize it. And there's your fantasy play: desperation.