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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: St. Louis Rams Near Bottom Of Football Barrel

The Week 6 NFL Power Rankings just were not going to be pretty for St. Louis Rams fans. Everyone's had another week to think about just how bad they've played, just how little they seem to have gained from Sam Bradford's rookie season despite the introduction of Josh McDaniels and the churning of the wide receivers and the backups at running back, just how terrible their pass protection and pass defense has been. And thinking more about that—you probably know this already—just isn't very pleasant. Which is why it couldn't have come as a shock that the SB Nation power rankings have the Rams 30th, behind only the decapitated Indianapolis Colts and the anonymous Miami Dolphins

Week 6 will be crucial for the Rams, who in the next two or three games will be faced with breaking point after breaking point. They could win an upset on the road and we'll have to talk about their pass defense or Sam Bradford's growth. It'll be great!

Or they can lose, and we'll talk about 2012 NFL Mock Draft slotting and just how much they could get in trade for Andrew Luck, the Single Greatest Quarterback in NFL History. 

Today they're in the basement. Lose another game and they'll sign a full-year lease to room with Kerry Collins