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Week 6 NFL Picks: Green Bay Packers Stand Between St. Louis Rams And First Win

Week 6 NFL Picks for the truncated NFC West Sunday. For a full set of NFL Picks, check out SB Nation's football hub.

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This could have all gone better for the St. Louis Rams than it has. Even now—the average 0-4 team has better things to do than get matched up against the Green Bay Packers on the road, like trying to get Andrew Luck's phone number. The good news is that the San Francisco 49ers, at 4-1, will meet the Detroit Lions, the only more surprising team in football. Here, then, are your abbreviated Week 6 NFC West picks. (For a full set of NFL Picks, check out SB Nation's football hub.)

St. Louis Rams 21 at Green Bay Packers 37. Here's the thing: Josh McDaniels turned Kyle Orton into a golden god. Kyle Orton! I realize the Rams have nothing approaching a capable wide receiver on their roster, although Brandon Gibson has been surprisingly capable so far. Eventually, Sam Bradford is going to transform into a fire-breathing, bomb-tossing quarterback android. I know this in my heart to be true, so it might as well be this week.

But Aaron Rodgers is not a guy you want lined up against a crippled set of d-backs. 

San Francisco 49ers 24 at Detroit Lions 27. What's frightening is that both of these teams are playing exactly as well as their records indicate. Until Matthew Stafford's arm threatens to detach again, the Lions are going to be a story, and since they have the home field advantage I'll give them this one. 

The Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals are off Sunday—not to mention the Denver Broncos, which, sadly, delays the onset of the Tim Tebow millennium.