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NFL Trade Deadline 2011: St. Louis Rams Hunt Wide Receivers At Deadline

Follow this thread for the latest news and rumors as the St. Louis Rams approach NFL Trade Deadline 2011.

The St. Louis Rams will be hunting for wide receivers and wide receiver hunters ahead of the 2011 NFL Trade Deadline, if their current roster is any indiction. The latest rumors, if you like your rumors just a little ridiculous, have the Rams chasing Josh McDaniels's Denver Broncos protege, Brandon Lloyd. Turf Show Times noted Friday that teams have dropped out, including the Arizona Cardinals, reluctant to spend a mid-round draft pick on a guy whose breakout was surprising, late, and dependent on the same magic that produced Kyle Orton, Star Quarterback.

The good news for the Rams is that they have that very wizard. The bad news is that, given their various weaknesses—the reasons they're 0-4 and need to acquire Brandon Lloyd—that 2012 NFL Draft pick could be important to their eventual transformation into year-to-year contenders. Lloyd is an outstanding deep wide receiver, the Danario Alexander to Danario Alexander's bad Danario Alexander, but he's not going to be a part of the next great Rams team unless it turns out that's this one.