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2011 NFL Trade Deadline: Rams Could Go Small-Scale With Eddie Royal

Brandon Lloyd would be the big-name move for the St. Louis Rams at the 2011 NFL Trade Deadline, but if they wanted to make a deal with the Denver Broncos that didn't involve breaking the 2012 NFL Draft bank Turf Show Times reports that Eddie Royal is also available. With fellow mid-level veteran receiver Mike Sims-Walker looking invisible through six weeks, that might not excite Rams fans looking for a number-one guy, but an 0-5 start makes it difficult to imagine trade rumors that involve any amount of future-mortgaging going through for this Rams team. 

Royal, a speedy slot receiver who's failed to break out in three seasons as the Broncos' would-be deep threat, hasn't yet established himself outside of the return game, where the Rams have, it should be noted, continually struggled to find a replacement for the injured Danny Amendola.

What makes it difficult to imagine this trade working out is that Royal isn't significantly better than any of the pieces the Rams have tried to fit into their porous offense so far—he's another fungible receiver, to add to a list with Danario Alexander, Brandon Gibson, Mike Sims-Walker, Austin Pettis, Greg Salas, and—coming soon—Mark Clayton