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NFL Scores: St. Louis Rams At Least Have Steven Jackson To Kick Around Some More

The St. Louis Rams still can't score, if Week 6's loss to the Green Bay packers was any indication, but at least Steven Jackson is healthy enough to work too hard and injure himself again!

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The St. Louis Rams lost another brutally misplayed game Week 6, when they couldn't turn 424 net yards into anything more than two field goal attempts against the Green Bay Packers on the road. That's an ugly way to go 0-5, but there is one piece of good news to take from it: Steven Jackson looks to finally be healthy.

In a game where Cadillac Williams managed to hurt himself Jackson was great in fewer carries than he was used to having, picking up 96 yards on just 18 carries while catching four balls for 29 yards.

That's the Steven Jackson the Rams were hoping they'd see in 2011—freed from the drudgery of getting beaten into the ground on third-and-short plays by his new backups and the Rams' new offense, he could do more with fewer carries and help propel the Rams offense to first down after first down.

Which is what happened. Next week: Maybe touchdown-after-touchdown, just as a test? Just to see how it feels? The Rams' offense looked as fluid as it had all season, aside from that terrifying Week 2 stretch on Monday Night Football, but even Steven Jackson playing without a full-body cast wasn't enough to get them into the end zone.