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Brandon Lloyd Trade: St. Louis Rams Send Pick To Broncos For Josh McDaniels Protege

The St. Louis Rams traded for Brandon Lloyd, sending a sixth-or-fifth round pick to the Denver Broncos for the reigning yardage champion.

After a solid week of rumors the St. Louis Rams consummated things Monday afternoon, trading a fifth-or-sixth round draft pick to the Denver Broncos for former Josh McDaniels protege Brandon Lloyd, who will be able to start immediately thanks to his familiarity with the Rams' new offense. Lloyd, who had a breakout 2010 season in which he led the league in receiving yards and caught 11 touchdown passes, slots in as the number-one receiver on a Rams team that's needed one all along.

The sixth-rounder—which could turn into a fifth-rounder depending on how Lloyd performs—is a slight come-down from what the Broncos were hoping to receive, and was probably key to the Rams being able to make a trade for a thirtysomething wide receiver despite their grim 0-5 record. 

Even then, Turf Show Times suggests the deal only makes sense if they can extend Brandon Lloyd's contract through 2012. With the Rams scuffling as badly as they have been in 2011, a little stability at wide receiver might be nice when the W-L slate is wiped clean.