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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams QB Has High-Ankle Sprain, Is Somehow Also Day-To-Day

Sam Bradford's injury turns out to be a high-ankle sprain, and Steve Spagnuolo and the St. Louis Rams turn out to play fast and loose with the concept of day-to-day.

Steve Spagnuolo's press conference Monday should have been a relatively jovial affair—the St. Louis Rams just traded for Brandon Lloyd! They have a capable wide receiver! Instead, it was unpleasant, and then just strange, as he announced that Sam Bradford's injury is a high ankle sprain and that he's somehow also day-to-day, even though he's going to be limited in practice and is presently walking in a boot. 

Bradford, who had one of his better games of the season in Week 6's loss, is no doubt desperate to play with his new target, and the Rams are no doubt desperate to play with Bradford, with their only other option the incredibly dubious play of A.J. Feeley, whose Week 1 Rams debut—his first regular season action since 2007—was an unmitigated disaster. 

But a high ankle sprain isn't your usual ankle sprain—just ask Michael Hoomanawanui, who had his rookie season ruined by two separate sprains last season. Rams fans certainly hope the day-to-day diagnosis is accurate, but it'll be difficult to believe it until Bradford's out there on the field throwing—and evading tackles, something he's had to do a lot of lately.