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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: St. Louis Rams' Collapse Continues

The St. Louis Rams continue to fall down the NFL Power Rankings in Week 7.

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Who knew that trading for Brandon Lloyd and losing a game—and potentially Sam Bradford—wouldn't be enough to catapult the St. Louis Rams out of the basement in time for Week 7's NFL Power Rankings? Apparently SB Nation—the Rams hold steady at 30th in the latest power rankings, ahead of the Indianapolis Colts-Minus-Peyton-Mannings and the Miami Dolphins.

It's easy to understand why: With the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints on the docket the Rams are coming ever closer to their nightmare scenario, an 0-7 start to a season that began with real promise for the first time in years. Given the Sam Bradford injury situation that's rapidly developed, even the silver lining of their 24-3 loss—those 400 total yards on offense—has tarnished rapidly.

The Rams have hit a bottom with this week's power rankings, and with the offense beginning to coalesce and Brandon Lloyd on the roster things could look up from here. But if they don't figure things out soon—and if Sam Bradford's high-ankle sprain turns out to be more high than ankle sprain—they could find themselves 30th for the rest of the season.