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Week 7 NFL Lines And Odds: Rams Vs. Cowboys

The St. Louis Rams are longshots again in their Week 7 contest vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

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This should not come as a shock to anybody who's interested in the NFL odds for Week 7: The St. Louis Rams are underdogs. Real underdogs. After starting the game just 10 1/2 points back of the Cowboys they've moved to as far as 14 1/2 back after news of Sam Bradford's injury spread to betting types.

A high-ankle sprain is rarely good news for a football player, but the Rams seem determined to leave Bradford a game-time decision, against all odds—perhaps because they know A.J. Feeley is standing behind him. If he plays the Rams are, for all their flaws, certainly in a position to come within two touchdowns of the Cowboys; if he doesn't, they probably aren't, as anyone who saw Feeley play in his first regular season action since 2007 back in Week 1 is likely to tell you.

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