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Sam Bradford Injury Update: Rams' QB Officially Misses Practice Thursday, Could Practice Friday

The official Twitter of the St. Louis Rams has confirmed quarterback Sam Bradford missed practice today:

@STLouisRams: QB Sam Bradford (ankle) did not practice again. Status quo for now. Possible he could work out Friday again but not certain.

Unconfirmed reports appeared on Twitter earlier today, suggesting Bradford had indeed missed practice again. Now, the Rams have not only officially confirmed the continued injury, but suggested Friday could be out of the mix too.

The Rams take on the (5-2) New Orleans Saints on Sunday, and will at this point almost definitely turn once again to the services of veteran quarterback A.J. Feeley.

Bradford has been injured with a high ankle sprain for a week now, going on two. It is possible, though highly unlikely, he could play if he can participate in Friday's practice.

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